Manufacturing Process

EFR Laser only uses superior quality raw materials like the German made SCHOTT discharge tube, and rear mirror and output window from II-VI INFRARED to ensure product stability and high quality.

After years of painstaking research, our R&D team independently has developed a special grinding machine for our CO2 glass laser tube based on our product characteristics, it features high grinding precision and high speed.

Once the tube is ground, we use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove fine impurities in the tube and then dry it in the drying box.

Before assembly, our experienced technical workers perform the corresponding quality inspections such as the collimation and concentricity inspections. After that, they mount the electrode, mirrors and windows.

Next, is the gas filling procedure, here, the entire process is conducted by our fully automated vacuuming and gas filling equipment to ensure the gas proportion of each laser tube is accurate. In addition, we equip advanced turbo molecular pump so that the ultra-vacuum cavity and gas inside is very reliable and stable.

According to the process and structural characteristics of different series, we carry out a series of accurate tests, such as pulse test, beam quality visual inspection and taper test. Further, we analyze the beam quality by an Israeli beam analyzer, according to analysis result we adjust the beam quality to be the best.

Subsequently, all products undergo a pulse and aging test for 6 hours, verifying the power stability in long-term working situation.

Every laser tube we deliver will undergo final comprehensive inspection to ensure that all product parameters meet the applicable standards and we never deliver unqualified products.

Finally, in the packing workshop, we will carefully check the production record and create the product label according to it.

We are experienced in the glass products packaging, and our professional package is verified over several years. We promise to deliver complete products to our clients, without broken, no matter where they are.