About EFR

The laser industry has grown rapidly over the past two decades and now laser technology plays a vital role in a wide range of high-tech industries, such an important role requires stable, high-quality laser products and accessories. With this in mind, providers must be sure they have the best laser products available, for a quality laser technology supplier, please consider EFR Laser, an advanced technology company focusing on the development, manufacturing and sale of CO2 laser tubes. CO2 laser consumables have become a vital component in the laser material processing industry, and these are the core products of EFR Laser!

The technical prowess of EFR is manifested by our many invention patents and by the fact that EFR has been serving the CO2 laser tube sector for twenty years. So, we have had two decades to perfect our technology, products and manufacturing techniques. Meaning, we have the experience and expertise to provide clients with optimal laser solutions for their precise application and at a competitive price.

Advanced technology is very important to EFR Laser and our clients. At the forefront of any high-tech enterprise is an experienced and knowledgeable research and development department. That is why EFR Laser has gone to great lengths to hire the best R&D personnel available, the same personnel that has contributed to our many invention patents and are responsible for the development and launch of highly effective, innovative products on a consistent basis. These products are launched into the international marketplace and have received favorable feedback.

EFR Laser has equipped dozens laser tube production lines. We operate these lines under strict quality management. We conduct scientific debugging and testing of each stage of the manufacturing operation and achieve an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 stable, high-quality CO2 laser tubes.

We use catalyst technology to ensure our CO2 laser tubes chemical life can be one year. Moreover, our CO2 laser tube features small volume, better beam quality, stable power and high performance for the price.

EFR Laser is well known brand on global market and highly satisfied. We sell products to nearly 150 countries and regions. Our foreign trade team, rich in professional knowledge and experience, employs a practical work attitude and provides services for each customer with sincerity and diligence.

EFR Laser, looking forward to embracing more quality partners!